I belong, I succeed, I am Tompkins.

At Tompkins, we value belonging, the sense of acceptance, being empowered and recognized as an important contributor to
Tompkins’ success. We continuously strive to build an inclusive workforce that reflects the diversity and strength of the communities we serve. With Board and Senior Leadership Team support, we are committed to empowering and engaging our workforce in creating and sustaining a culture that embraces diversity and promotes inclusion and belonging inside and outside our organization. 

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Our Leadership Commitment

Our commitment to diversity, inclusion and belonging begins with our Board of Directors.  Our board believes that including a variety of important perspectives in the boardroom ultimately results in more informed decision-making. Accordingly, in identifying potential nominees, the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee also considers whether a particular candidate adds to the overall diversity of the board. The committee seeks nominees with a broad diversity of experience, professions and perspectives, including diversity with respect to race, gender, geography, and areas of expertise.

Of our 14 directors, five identify as women and two identify as persons of color.


Our team members are the very heartbeat of Tompkins. And we know the uniqueness … and happiness … of each and every one of them is key to the success of our company and our communities. If you seek a workplace that values team members from different backgrounds and cultures, skills, experiences, perspectives and ideas, then picture yourself here.

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Our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiative brings together minds and ideas from across the company to implement educational sessions and cultural celebrations. You’ll see these efforts reflected in our onboarding and mentoring processes. You’ll see them reflected in resources to support us internally and support our communities externally, like our Employee Resource Groups and Social Justice Groups. And again, you’ll see our efforts in the many educational opportunities and events like Black History Month, Suicide Prevention Month, Domestic Violence Awareness, Women’s Equality Day and Unconscious Bias Training.

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